Barcode Printer Ribbons



DB Automation offers the most complete and comprehensive line of barcode printer ribbons in the industry.

Barcode Ribbons come in three formula types: wax, wax/resin & resin. Depending upon your application needs and the material you are printing on, it is critical that you pick the correct barcode ribbon type for the best print quality and durability.

Serving Brands of Barcode Printer

  • Avery Dennison, Argox, Allen
  • Markem
  • Brady
  • Printronix
  • Datamax, Dataflex
  • Ring
  • Easyprint
  • Sato
  • Godex
  • TEC, TSC
  • Intermec, Imaje, ICE
  • Videojet
  • Jaguar
  • Zebra, Zodiac


A best wax quality ribbon material with high pigment density, it has been known to offer good mechanical resistance, high resolution for small fonts, universally applicable to most label materials, with excellent printout quality. Suitable for label materials such as vellum, coated paper, cardboard labels and also on synthetic films.



A premium grade wax/resin quality ribbon materials applicable for nearly all materials and surfaces. Excellent resolution, chemical resistance, high sensitivity, dark printout, and long lasting product labeling for higher demand on resistance. Suitable for label materials such as coated paper, vellum, cardboard with glossy or matt surface, synthetic materials PE, PP, PET, PS, PVC…etc.



It has the highest mechanical demands and very good resistance against chemicals and solvents. Extremely fine and high resolving printout, suitable for 600 dpi printers. Recommended for printing on film, synthetic materials PE, PP, PET, PS, PVC acetate with glossy or matt surfaces, polyester. Not recommended for vellum and coated paper.


We are able to supply the above mentioned Ribbons according to customer’s requirement.

Ribbon Width – 25mm to 300mm
Ribbon Length – 74M to 600M
Core Size – 1/2 inch and 1 inch